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Top 10 Trending and Luxurious Interior Designs for your Chalet!

Are you planning a home reno? Or maybe you've just moved into a new house and want to embark on a new interior project? Whether you’re doing everything yourself or turning to the pros, there's plenty of interior designs that will not only make your home look appealing, but also help bring your vision to life. There are so many amazing options when it comes to interior design styles. You can choose more than one design for your interior.

Keep on reading to discover the top 10 trending luxurious interior designs for your chalet.

Boho Chic Style

This style is all about layers, plants, textures collecting different pieces and displaying everything.

Boho chic style can be neutral, artistic, full of life and very cozy. You'll see a lot of floor cautious, macromy and hanging plants, it embraces thrifting and vintage shopping.

Mid-century modern

This style is inspired by the seventies century, with distinct features, furniture pieces have nice tapered legs usually made of walnut, darker wood and hairpin.


This style is very easy to achieve if you bring in shiplap, black or white big windows , wood beams, chalk painted furniture pieces and rustic decor elements.

Scandinavian style

Inspired by nordic lifestyle, it’s all about simplicity, coziness, a homey feeling, and a lot of minimalism, a lot of natural light woods, textures, and warmth, benches and chairs as well, it’s all about spaces, the functional pieces are very decorative, statement lighting fixture is the best fit for the scandinavian style.

Modern style

Modern is all about clean lines, large windows, minimalism, the color palette is very neutral, marble, still, chrome, glass, flat cabinets in the kitchen, square edges on countertops.

Traditional style

This style has much more details, and a lot more coordinate features, tufted furniture, oil painting, gold details, portrait paintings and neutral colors are what define this interior design.

Transitional styles

This style is about mixing traditional and modern together, a neutral color palette, similar tones and shades, large art work, wing back chairs and tufted furniture pieces with a modern lighting fixture.

Industrial Style

This style is known for being loft, wearhouse, with huge windows and exposed ceilings, this interior design uses a lot of leathers and textures.

French Country Style

This style is all about lining furniture, stone, large fireplaces, traditional shaped furniture, very muted and pale with low contrast decor.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary is all about what’s trending now you’ll find a lot of curved round furniture, arches, dark modie spaces, high contrast, lining furniture, open shelving and french doors.

We hope this gives you a better idea of what the differences are between each of these various interior design styles, and which can be used and mixed together, so take a good look around at what you have, see if it works, and pick your next design style, remember to always go with a proper well suited choice for you and for your home.

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