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Making the exterior match the interior!

It’s important to ensure your home’s interior design is in keeping with your exterior remodeling ideas. Every homeowner takes pride in their house and wants it to look as great as possible. With so many different styles of homes and constantly changing trends in home decor, some people may wonder about the relationship between the interior and exterior design of their homes.

Should the interior of your home match the exterior?


The colors you use both inside and outside your home will have a direct impact on its appearance and overall vibe. While you want the interior and exterior of your home to flow well together, you may not want them to be exactly the same color. Instead, you’ll likely want to stick with shades that complement one another, you’ll want to pick a color scheme. Choose neutral shades and accent colors, and keep the color scheme cohesive. For example, if your living room sofa is white, you can also opt for a white seating area to enhance the patio.

Textures & Materials

The materials and texture you use throughout your home should complement one another both inside and outside of the house. If you have a more contemporary home with an exterior that consists of sleek materials like glass and metal, you should use those textures throughout the interior design in your house as well.

Plants & Decor

Through the decor, you can bring the exterior style to your home’s interior. If you live in a rural area, artwork with natural scenery is an ideal choice for your house.

Another excellent way to create a seamless transition between the exterior and interior is to bring plants from your garden inside. Bring outdoor plants inside to blend your indoor and outdoor setting. By mirroring features of your outdoor garden, you can create a seamless flow between your home’s interior and exterior.

Furniture & Style

The furniture should match the house style for cohesiveness. Suppose your home’s exterior is more on the modern side and you have furniture with a traditional design. Artwork and decorative items can help you blend your exterior and interior environments. For instance, if you live in a rural setting, you might hang some landscape paintings that complement your home’s exterior.

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