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How to Reinvent without Renovating!

Always looking at the same walls, the same decor; the same everything essentially; can become quite boring, and soon the need to change things up can rapidly become overwhelming. No doubt when you think about said change, home renovations can seem inevitable. Only, reinventing your home does not need to include power tools and breaking down walls. There are so many ways that you can reinvent your space without renovating but there are a few crucial things you need to think about before you start.

Changing up to three (3) things can do wonders to your home:


You don’t necessarily have to invest in new furniture, shuffling it around can go a long way! You could also consider using corner pieces. In addition to filling out the interior space nicely, you could use them to showcase an elegant vase of flowers, or even a sweets dish and if you’re not clumsy you could dare invest in a crystal one. Think of the perfect picture that would make!

Now nothing screams home like framed pictures scattered elegantly all around your living space! Now I’m not talking about overflowing the place with them but a framed picture here and there, the keyword being elegantly scattered not clustered!

Bare walls have never been especially attractive, more so if it is painted in a bland manner. Don’t hesitate to hang a painting on that empty wall! Don’t let your lack of art appreciation stop you, pick something that looks good to you, and more importantly, you should choose something that goes well with the rest of your decor.