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Refresh or Change? All about Kitchen Cabinets!

When you walk into a kitchen, what’s one of the first things you notice? The cabinets. These essential storage units cover the walls of your kitchen and can have a major impact on the aesthetic appeal of the room.

When your kitchen cabinets start to look run down, it can affect the entire look of the room and, in some cases, even impede the function of your cabinetry.

Want to give your outdated cabinets a fresher look without ruining yourself? Try some of these tricks for a renewed look.

A fresh Coat of Paint

Just as it can work wonders on walls, a fresh coat of paint can utterly transform your cabinets, and in turn, your kitchen. You can paint kitchen cabinets to change their color or, if they’re made from wood you might choose to refinish kitchen cabinets, or stain them.

Dynamic spaces such as kitchens lend themselves well to bolder color choices. Rich spice colors will reflect flavorsome foods and get mouths salivating before the food prep even begins.

Fresh Handles

Swapping out old knobs and pulls is one of the quickest and cheapest fixes for what ails your kitchen cabinets. Hunt for new, trendy options at your local big-box store, salvage shops or from your favorite online retailer.

You might knock some paint off the cabinets when removing old hardware, so be prepared to sand and touch up those spots with fresh paint.

It’s important to opt for quality when choosing frequently touched items, such as handles, as this will ensure longevity and elevate the look and feel of your kitchen, providing a sleek finish.

Replace the Doors

This is the biggest timely and financial investment, and also a last resort, but you may find it necessary to make the biggest impact. If you’re happy with the overall layout of your kitchen but have outdated or damaged doors, it’s worth looking into refacing your cabinets.

Upgrade the Doors

Less pricy but more time consuming. If replacing your doors/drawer fronts completely is not an option, consider updating them with molding.This process is ideal for plain slab or shaker style doors, when you want to take them to the next level.

Depending on the age and condition of your kitchen cabinets, replacement may be a good option.

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