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Transform Your Home With Our Painting Services

At Pro Painters, there’s no painting project that is too big for us — and we’re standing by to offer you a professional and competitive estimate, so you can take the first step toward transforming your home.



Residential Exterior

Shield the exterior of your home from weather and natural wear and tear! 

Pro Painters has the expertise to provide a long-lasting coat of paint that preserves its crisp character, beauty, and functionality. Plus, it’s guaranteed to last! 

Rely on our knowledge and intuition to keep your home looking its best for years.


Commercial/Industrial Painting

Give your business the professional touch it deserves with Pro Painters. Our team of experts will ensure that your commercial and/or industrial spaces look their absolute best. 

Leave the work to us, so that you can focus on what matters most: running your business. From start to finish, our skilled painters will work meticulously to deliver a high-quality and professional look that you can be proud of.


Kitchen Cabinets

Painting your kitchen cabinets can prevent and deflect the accumulation of rust and dirt.

Whether you're interested in enhancing the appearance of your workspace or creating a more welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in your kitchen, Pro Painters will provide exceptional craftsmanship to refine your cabinets and elevate the overall appearance of your kitchen.


Garage Cabinets

If you're looking for a paint job that will stand the test of time for your garage cabinets, look no further! Pro Painters has the skills and artistry to ensure that your garage cabinets do not look like a chaotic eyesore, but rather a well-organized component that harmoniously complements your garage and turns it into a stylish and functional space.


Accent Walls

Let us be the bridge between your creativity and reality! Share your vision with us and witness how Pro Painters brings it to life. 

Your walls will add character and flair to your favorite spaces. Let us know your ideas and watch them take form!


Spray Painting

Need us to take care of your surfaces with spray painting? With our top-of-the-line exterior paint system, your surfaces will have a brand-new appearance in no time. 

You'll be delighted with your decision to entrust the care of your surfaces to Pro Painters.


Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Redesigning and painting your ceilings can be a messy and time-consuming hassle. 

Instead of doing it yourself, trust Pro Painters to handle it with ease. With Pro Painters exceptional attention to detail and expertise, you can expect a beautifully renovated and fresh-looking ceiling that will enhance any space.

Interior & Exterior Paint Solutions

From vinyl siding to brick, we offer a wide variety of high-quality painting services.



Residential Exterior

From arranging the equipment, scaffolding, and ladders to doing the actual painting, we can ensure your home gets a quality coat of exterior paint that will last for years to come.


Aluminum Siding

Refresh and update your aluminum siding with fresh paint, while saving on the cost of replacement. Aluminum is durable, but the original paint can wear down, chalk, and fade over time.


Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is made from plastic, which can heat up a lot quicker than other surfaces. This can cause fading and warping. Easily update the look of your home with a fresh coat of paint.


Fiber Cement

While fiber cement is durable, it can still absorb water over time. Our high-quality paint will protect your investment and help waterproof the fiber cement.



Stucco can accumulate stains and cracks over time. Specialized paint made for this very solution will refresh your stucco siding, and renew texture.



With stains specially made for brick, you can opt to cost-effectively transform the look of your home without breaking the bank.


Front & Garage Doors

Front and garage doors are two of the first things you see when looking at your house. Revive and refresh your home with a fresh coat of paint or an entirely new bold color for contrast.



Revive dull windows and transform the look of the entire house with newly painted windows.



Interior Painting

Thinking of doing your interior yourself? Save yourself the hassle and get a high quality job done by pro painters. We’re experts at deciding the right equipment and technique to make your walls pop.



Have holes, chips, chips, or dents in your interior drywall? Whether your damages need a quick spackle and sand or a careful patching, Pro Painters can do it all to ensure your interior is looking neat and clean.


Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen remodels may be expensive, but achieving that same effect with freshly painted kitchen cabinets doesn’t have to be. Transform your kitchen overnight with this hassle-free option.


img 5.png


Wood surfaces like floors, chairs, decks, and doors can get worn out quickly. Fortunately, a fresh coat of staining by Pro Painters can bring your wood surfaces back to life.


Deck Painting

Looking to make your deck look brand new? Pro painters has the expertise, tools, and skill to paint or stain your deck so it looks gorgeous and stays durable against rain, snow, sun, and foot traffic.


Engineered Wood

Enhance the beauty and longevity of your engineered wood with paint. This will also help repel water and seal in moisture.

Get a Free Estimate

Ready to bring your paint project to life? Get in touch with us to get an estimate for your painting job, absolutely free of charge.

Why Pro Painters 

Ready to get started on your indoor or outdoor painting project? With Pro Painters, you get exceptionally high-quality painting services at an affordable price. Here are just a few of the reasons we provide excellent service.


High-quality Products

Our quick and cost-effective approach to painting includes our proven 4-step process:

1. Clean, 2. Surface Preparation, 3. Paint, 4. Completion (Your project comes to life!) 



Pro Painters operates with a transparency guarantee, meaning you’ll know exactly what we’re painting and how much you’re paying. No curveballs, unexpected fees, or billing surprises. 


Turn-key Painting Solutions

We provide all of the tools, paint, warranties, and safety and insurance requirements to give you a totally turn-key painting experience.


3-Year Warranty

All of our work comes with a 3-Year Warranty, giving you the peace of mind against any potential defects or failures. You can rest assured that your paint will stand the test of time and look good for years to come. 



Our mission is to bring your paint projects to life, and eliminate the time and energy burden of tackling indoor and outdoor painting yourself. You can sit back, relax, and watch the magic happen.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Pro Painters operates with the promise of Satisfaction Guaranteed, meaning you’ll be happy with the finished result, every time.

We offer our professional painting services to each of the following areas:





Muskoka Lakes



Lake of Bays

Parry Sound

Get a Free Estimate

Ready to bring your paint project to life? Get in touch with us to get an estimate for your painting job, absolutely free of charge.

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