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Do your cabinets match the rest of your kitchen?

Having a beautiful kitchen does not only include cabinetry, you need to be specific when picking your kitchen paint color, countertops, and flooring, these are the major components of the style and color theme in your kitchen.

Properly matching cabinets, countertops, flooring and color paint, will not only give your kitchen a peaceful tone but also increase your home’s aesthetic value, otherwise you might want to know which of these components to change!

Keep on reading for some ideas on the kitchen matching process..

Kitchen Styles:

It’s possible to create a look that’s contemporary, traditional, transitional, farmhouse-style and more.

Choosing between different cabinetry styles is crucial to getting the desired aesthetic.

  • Traditional kitchen style incorporates painted cabinets with or without glass front doors, simple granite or laminate countertops, and hardwood floors.