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Best Paint Color Choices for Small Rooms!

Did you know that you can create the illusion of more space simply from adding more reflective surfaces with smart color choices? There are plenty of small bedroom decorating ideas that can turn a tiny space into a room that feels comfy and less cramped.

The right color energizes and invigorates your space, giving it its real value, the right color helps make your small kitchens, bedrooms and living areas feel bigger and much larger!

Read on for advice and paint color recommendations for small rooms!


Bright white shade helps spaces feel clean and airy, not sterile. It looks great in all shades of light and in almost every type of room.


Using an uplifting and warm color such as light pink can not only help to energize any small space, it also has a strong nurturing quality. As pink comes from red, it’s a color that feels snug and safe.

Meander Blue

To create the illusion of space in a tiny bedroom and a room that you can really unwind and relax in, reach for a soft blue. Blue recedes, and meander blue. This aqua tone adds an extra layer of excitement and personality to your room.

Magnetic Gray

This color is muted enough to create the illusion of space. But it also has a lovely lavender undertone that adds a touch of warmth to the gray, creating a nurturing effect that you’d want in a bedroom!


Its deep richness is naturally inviting and brings the outdoors in, a great way to add some life to your bedroom.

Green is one of the most restful colors for your eyes and is known to be restorative, mind-clearing and encourage composure. Making it the perfect color for small rooms where you want calm and extensivity.

Bright colors draw less attention to themselves and help make a space feel bigger, while darker colors tend to recede from view, with a more saturated color on the walls that gives the appearance of a larger space..

Whether you're planning to go bold or stick to neutrals before you make any big color decisions for any room, it’s important to assess what you’re working with by considering the light and shadow in your room, this should help you clear your vision and bring it to life.

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