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Hit Colors for Spring 2022!

Spring is here! And you are probably thinking of refreshing your painting whether it’s interior or exterior, only you can’t decide on a color to move forward with. Picking the right color for home painting is no small feat, even if technically speaking it is the easiest step in the painting process; the one that doesn’t involve physical exertion. When choosing your home’s future color, you have to think of it as this permanent thing that you will be seeing each time you step inside or catch a glimpse of the exterior of your house when rounding a corner. Now just to make that step a little bit easier on you, here’s a compilation of this spring’s hit colors:

Wild Flower :

Lightly dusted with hints of pink and orange, this unique shade of red conveys effortless style.

Pale Moon:

A classic soft yellow that can subtly accentuate a room.


A widely appealing white paint color that offers a clean yet soft look.