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Autumn 2022's Color Palette!

Every season marks a fresh new beginning with what it brings. Autumn is all about cooling weather, fresher air and the changing colors of the leaves. People usually go for paints that are richer and higher in texture, more warm and much darker whether it's for an interior or exterior project..

We have created some examples to help you get inspiration from autumn 2022’s color palette… So keep on reading to find out more!

Lafayette Green

This is a color that conjures up a walk in the mystical forests of Oregon. This hue soothes and enlightens in the same breath.

Best for the family room, powder room, reading nook, and living room.

Backdrop Palo Santo

This is a moody, comforting, Calming and earthy, yellow-based ethereal neutral that makes any room feel relaxing.

Rich Taupes

Just like the deepness of the mixed greens, rich taupe is also winning over people this season, they’re as neutral as they are bold, rich as they are ethereal. This color is perfect for bedroom, kitchen or living area.


Ochre is a more elevated and elegant take,the shift toward darker iterations and earthier hues isn’t going anywhere, and Ochre strikes just the right balance between color and neutral. It reads slightly moody, but not as intense as some of the blues, greens, and off-blacks that dominated the past few years.