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What's the cost for Interior Painting in Newmarket, Ontario?

Updated: May 29, 2022


So you have decided to improve the look of your interior space by adorning it with a new coat of paint. But before you proceed to hire the services of an interior painting company, you are keen on having a little insight into the cost, so you know how much to budget for the project.

Although the cost of interior painting in Newmarket, Ontario, varies per painting contractor, knowing the average is enough to make a good estimate. Below, we have highlighted the average cost of interior painting in Newmarket, Ontario. To add more clarity, we also include the major factors to consider when determining the average cost of interior painting in Ontario.

Factors that determine the cost of interior painting in New Market, Ontario

1. Cost of Paint

Before contacting a painting contractor, it is common practice for individuals to envision the type of color they want on their interior wall and other interior components. Sometimes, homeowners go further to state the type and quality of paint they want for the project.

Since the cost of paint makes up a huge percentage of the overall cost of an interior painting project, it makes sense to consider it while trying to determine the cost of interior painting in New Market. Definitely, if you go for premium quality paint, there should be a hike in the project's cost due to the cost of the paint and vice versa.

2. Location of your home

The location of your home is another factor that determines the average cost of interior painting in Newmarket, Ontario. Arguably, if your home is close to the painting contractor you are hiring, you should be charged less than if the painting contractor had to travel a few miles to get to your home. The transportation cost will definitely be among your bill, and depending on the distance, it should affect the overall cost of the job.

3. Size of the project

Size matters, especially when it comes to interior painting. Of course, painting the entire interior of a 1200 sq. ft. house should cost less than painting the whole interior of a 3000 sq. ft. house. So consider the size of your house to have a good insight into your potential bill.

4. Preparation

Painting contractors often consider the amount of preparation work required to kick start the painting process when drafting your bill. Preparing wall surfaces for painting is important as it affects the quality of paint coating. Each painting company has different methods used to prepare surfaces in homes. In some cases, the preparation process may not be much, while in others, they may have to carry out a whole lot of prep work.

The average cost of interior painting in Ontario

Generally, the average painting cost per square foot in Ontario is around 2-3 CAD + HST for paint. Below is the average price for specific rooms and features.

Living rooms, dining rooms, dens, and kitchens: the average cost for painting these spaces is usually 400-500 CAD + HST. Of course, the price depends on the size and square footage of the space. The cost for painting these rooms tops out at 800 - 900 CAD + HST for large areas.

Bathrooms: The average cost for painting bathrooms in Ontario is usually 250-300 CAD + HST for a smaller-sized bathroom. For a bigger bathroom, it is usually 400 -500 CAD + HST.

Bedrooms: For those cozy rooms in your home where you lay your head after a hectic day, the average price depends on the size. The average cost of painting a small bedroom is around 400 CAD + HST or less. While for master bedrooms, the average cost is about 500-700 CAD + HST.

The cost stated above depends on the various factors we discussed above. Now that you are aware of the average cost of interior painting in Ontario, the next step is contacting a professional interior painting company.

At Pro Painters Newmarket, Ontario, we have what it takes to enhance the look of your interior space according to your taste, and of course, budget. Contact us today, and we will offer you a free quote.

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