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The Benefits of Using The Festool Sanding Cleaner

Sanding is required when renovating and restoring old structures. It's not uncommon for certain parts of the house to remain occupied during a renovation, making clean work with low volumes of generated dust all the more important. Any professional tradesperson knows that the key to producing a quality job is in the preparation. If a surface is perfectly prepped, then applying oils, varnishing, or paint becomes more manageable , and there is less need for reworking. And the two key products that make this incredibly easy - a sander and a dust extractor.

Using a sander in combination with a mobile dust extractor, like the Festool, has multiple benefits. Extracting the dust produced when sanding at the source makes your working environment cleaner. Sanding produces fine dust that can quickly enter the lungs. Pairing your sander with a dust extractor enables you to protect your health by working dust-free.

The main reason behind using a Festool sander in combination with a Festool dust extractor is dust collection. Festool power tools arguably have the best dust collection in the painting industry. When we are finished sanding there is little to no dust on the surface. Festool dust extractors also have adjustable suction power to handle coarse to fine sanding.

On a job site like someone’s home, that dust gets into and onto every surface. It gets into appliances and electronics. It gets into the HVAC system, and it gets into their lungs while they sleep. No one likes to live through a remodeling job because of the mess and the disturbance. A nuisance of dust is one disturbance that can be significantly minimized through proper dust extraction. In the shop or a home, dust control can’t be an afterthought, not if you want to save yourself time, cost, and the mess of dealing with it later. Dust control is an integral part of the Festool system and design philosophy, by collecting the dust as it’s made, where it’s made.

Festool has engineered both the sander and dust extractor to work together to provide the best dust collection and sanding quality possible. The largest contributor to imperfections while sanding is poor dust extraction. When dust particles get trapped on your sanding disk they can leave streaks, marks, or pig tails when you go to finish your project. Using a combination of a high-quality sander and dust extractor ,you eliminate the possibility of defects in your finish. We have noticed a significant improvement on the surface quality of many finished projects using a Festool sander and extractor over a Dewalt sander and shop vac.

A major reason to use a dust extractor with a Festool orbital sander is that you lessen the need to clean your workspace. The dust extraction is so good, even with coarse sanding, that you will not need to sweep or vacuum the floor around where you are sanding. Festool dust extractors also have a feature that automatically turns on and off the extractor when you switch on the sander, saving time and headaches compared to turning on a shop vac. As an optional addition, Festool offers a Bluetooth module that can be attached to the end of the anti-static hose to switch the extractor on and off to save time.

During a renovation project, dust control can’t be an afterthought, not if you want to save yourself time, cost, and the mess of dealing with it later. Festool offers a wide range of dust extraction solutions to minimize cleanup, improve finished results, and work more efficiently than ever. Whether in the shop or on the job site, increasing your productivity with a dust extractor wouldn't hurt.

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