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How to perfectely Paint a countertop?

Updated: May 29, 2022

In order to paint a countertop properly, there are a few things you need to know before you begin

Are you tired of looking at the same old, dingy countertops?

Is the color of your old countertops from

a decade long since passed?

Are you over having scratches, dings, dents, and divots on your once-pristine countertops?

Perhaps it’s time you learned how to paint a countertop so you can restore it to its former glory. Better yet, improve your countertops and show them off to all your friends.

Everything fades with time, and laminate countertops are no different. After a few years, they can lose their lustre or, depending on the original countertop color, might now be a few years outdated.

It’s time for an upgrade.

There is also a good chance that your countertops have a fair bit of wear and tear that has contributed to the need for a fresh coat of paint. Chips, scratches, and other marks accumulate as the years go by, eventually necessitating a paint job to restore them.

New countertops can run you thousands of dollars, but a refurbished and repainted countertop costs only a few hundred dollars.

If new countertops aren’t in your budget right now, this article will teach you the necessary steps to properly paint a countertop to look brand new.

Tools and Materials Needed

First, you will need to get all of the necessary materials ready ahead of time. There are laminate paint kits available from hardware stores. A paint kit will include most of the painting items on this list.

If you choose not to get a laminate countertop painting kit, simply acquire all the items below:

  • Interior acrylic paint

  • Paint primer

  • Paint rollers

  • Paint rolling tray

  • Drop cloth

  • Painter's tape

  • Degreasing cleaner

  • 150-grit sandpaper

  • Palm sander

  • Paint roller covers

  • Countertop resin

  • Blowtorch

  • Work gloves

  • Protective goggles

  • Dust mask

  • Fans

Step 1: Prepare the Surrounding Area

Whether your cabinet painting project is in the kitchen or bathroom, the first step is to protect whatever you’re not painting. Grab your drop cloths and place them over any countertops not being painted, sinks, floors, and anything else that you want to be protected.

Next, open all the windows in the room and get your fans prepared. Paint fumes and primer have strong odors, so it’s best to have a well-ventilated area.

Step 2: Prepare the Countertop

You’ll want to scrub the countertop very well with a degreasing cleaner. Ensure all the grease, grit, dirt, and grime are removed, and then let it dry. If your countertops have any dents or scratches, you can repair them with laminate repair paste or a color-matched pen, both readily available at your local hardware store.

If you have any stains, try to get rid of them with a mixture of baking soda and water. Then make sure you dry the area.

Apply painter’s tape to the edges of the countertops on the wall and anywhere you don’t want to paint. Using painter’s tape is more complicated than people think. Take your time, make sure your edges are straight, and ensure everything you want to be covered is covered. Once you start painting, you can’t go back!

Next, put on your work gloves, goggles, and dust mask and sand the top of the countertop with the 100-grit sandpaper. Use a portable hand sander if you have one. Otherwise, rub the sandpaper along the surface with your hand. Lightly sanding down your countertops will help the new paint adhere to the surface.

Once finished, wipe down the countertops with a damp rag to clean any leftover dust and debris. Let the surface dry.

If painting your countertops is a little beyond your skill level, don’t worry. The painting experts at Pro Painters have your back. We will give you a free painting consultation to paint your countertops and have them look better than ever. Click the link below to book your free consultation with Pro Painters.

Step 3: Apply the Primer

Grab your paint roller and apply a thin coat of primer to the countertops. Ensure you follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions on the can for using the primer.

Allow the first coat to dry, then apply the second coat, and let it dry.

Step 4: Apply the Coats of Paint

Now comes the fun part of how to paint a countertop: painting your countertops!

If you are using a painting kit that requires mixing the color, follow the instructions on mixing the paint. When the paint is ready, pour the paint into the roller tray and evenly apply the first coat.

Allow the first coat time to dry, then apply the second coat.

Step 5: Seal It

The final step is to apply a sealant to your countertops to ensure they stay pristine as long as possible.

Here is where you will want to apply countertop resin. Read the back of the label and mix the resin according to the directions.

Next, carefully pour the resin over the countertop and even it out using a new paint roller. Be mindful of any drips around the edges and wipe off any excess with a damp cloth.

Watch out for any bubbles that might form and pop them as soon as they do with the blowtorch, aiming it at the bubble but holding it a few inches away. If you don’t have a blowtorch, try blowing them with a drinking straw.

Read the manufacturer’s instructions and allow the proper amount of time for the resin to cure.

Viola! You now have brand new countertops.

Final Thoughts

Applying a fresh couple of coats of paint and sealing it in for protection is a fantastic way to update and preserve your countertops. If you are up to the task, use these handy tips on how to paint a countertop, grab your supplies, and give it a shot.

New marble countertops might sound like a great idea, but they might be out of reach price-wise for some people. Some of these countertop materials could stretch into tens of thousands of dollars. Refinishing your old countertops is a much more economical way to bring them back to life.

The process of painting a countertop is not an easy one. It is time-consuming, messy, and can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. Your best bet is to trust this process with the experts at Pro Painters.

At Pro Painters, we have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to turn your old countertops into a work of art, with little to no work needed on your end — just pick your paint. To begin this simple process, click the link below to schedule a free painting consultation with the experts at Pro Painters.

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