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How do professional painters do it ?

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Have you ever wondered why do people hire professional help when they can do the job themselves? Painting doesn’t escape that general truth , Well it actually can be amusing, maybe even entertaining , but then not everyone can make a perfect job out of it! Taking into consideration how demanding the job is , usually for the amount of time and stress it takes , and simply for the expertise it must require for that high of a finish quality.

What you’ve just read must’ve piqued your curiosity enough so you’d wonder how professional painters do it. To have a better understanding of the correct (professional) painting process keep on reading. Don’t worry we have it summarized for you in the following 5 steps :

Pick the right Paint:

Paint colors need to last, some paint colors require more pigments and consistency than others, depending on the weather, and on the kind of surface, to ensure maximum durability professional painters use only the highest paint quality for a better, lasting coverage, they also know the right amount of paint needed for any specific project.

Inspect and Prepare the Area:

A good paint job is all about the preparation, it often requires more effort than the act of painting itself, from inspecting every inch and taking into account factors such as fascia boards, window frames, paint cracks, flaking or peeling areas need to be lightly sanded or scraped before applying new primer and paint, greasy spots may also need a bit of washing with soap followed by a rinse with water along with covering the floor and the furniture.

Prime the Area:

Priming is essential, professionals invest quality time priming, rolling, and spraying one or two coats of paint primer to produce a better color coat. For a DIY it can feel like a wasted effort, but priming is as much work as laying down the color coat, it provides a stable base surface, and covers stains.

Knowing why and how much primer you need is a question that you can leave to professionals to answer, generally one or two coats of primer will do the job, but it’s important to know the reason why you're doing it, this is why professionals always inspect before tackling the priming operation, in effect, they take into consideration all the factors that determine the amount of prime needed such as, the wall material and the paint color.

Pick the right painting technique:

The painting technique is the whole process of going through all the steps mentioned before, after filling holes, patching cracks and priming walls, using the right materials and supplies is the most important step throughout the painting process, professionals know the right tools and always possess the best ones, but it takes more than that to get the painting job done quickly, smoothly and have a better finish, as a matter of fact it's all in the painting techniques that professionals manage to fulfill perfectly, here are the most important ones :

  • Paint mixing

  • Paint rolling

  • Trim painting

  • Sanding

Kick back and enjoy the high quality finish:

Going through the painting process is one thing but when it comes to durability, and high finishing results, an expert hand is often required, it's not the same for a DIY to get to that clean and smooth look at the end, however with a professional it's always guaranteed, the work is always tidy and neater and results are certainly there, with less waste and mess.

Painting is a beautiful process, it comes with knowledge and dedication, along with expertise and devotion. When it comes to the final step of choosing whether to DIY or hire your neighborhood friendly professional painter, always ensure that you have got the time and the will to do it as perfectly as it should be done, if by any chance you are not sure about that , then don’t hesitate to get a little backup from professional contractors around you, they can help make your painting vision come to life.


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