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How do Customize colors Work?

Have you ever bought the wrong home paint color? Or maybe you have a can of black and white paint sitting in your garage?

Well mixing your own custom paint colors may be the answer to what you have envisioned for your color theme, sometimes instead of dumping the "wrong" paint, it can still be saved and used for your home painting project…

Keep on reading to find out further on how to use custom colors, how to lighten, darken, intensify and much more!

Darken the Color

To make a color darker, add some black or gray craft colorant to it. Use black when darkening already deep colors, and gray when working with lighter colors. It takes a relatively small amount of black to visibly darken a pastel. But when going for a dramatic change, be prepared to use a lot of colorant.

A rule of thumb is, stay within 2 shades of the starting color. Trying to turn a pale sky blue color into a dark navy blue will only lead to frustration.