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What's the cost of house painting in Newmarket, Ontario?

Updated: May 29, 2022

House Painting Cost in Newmarket, Ontario

Are you looking to hire a house painter in Newmarket, Ontario but have no idea how much it will cost?

Well, a professional painter in Ontario will typically charge per square foot. So they may first have to ask you the specific area you need to be painted before they can offer you a quote.

However, the average house painting cost usually ranges from 2-4 CAD per sq. ft.

Factors to Consider When Determining House Painting Cost

Whether you intend to do interior painting, exterior painting, or both, house painting is one of the easiest ways to give your home a renewed appeal which may ultimately increase the resale value.

But there are many things that factor into the final cost of painting your house in Ontario. So whether you're thinking of hiring a professional painter or doing it yourself, below are some things that will influence the total expenses.

1. Type of paint used

Paint quality defers. There are paints that last longer on walls than others, and these tend to be more expensive. Some will also create a more refined appeal, such as a glossy finish.

And notably, paint itself accounts for an average of 15% of the total house painting cost in Ontario. Also, note that oil-based paints (which are more durable) are more expensive than other types.

2. Prep work required

What is the condition of your walls? Are there holes needing filling? Is the old paint of a lower quality than the one you now intend to use? Things like these will require surface prep work. Your house painter will have to apply a thicker coat if you're painting a higher quality paint like Benjamin Moore over a cheaper pant.

Prep works like power washing, plaster repair, sanding, and filling will also increase the cost if required since they will demand more time from the painter.

3. Material cost

Materials such as tape, filler, primer, and plastic thinners, among others, will also factor into your house painting cost. If your wall requires more of these due to its poor condition or size of surface area, then the final price will significantly be higher.

4. How many colours you intend to use

If you intend to use one colour for your entire interior painting, then the cost will be considerably lower than when you're using multiple colours. More colours will require you to buy more paints.

5. Interior or exterior

Exterior painting is notably more expensive than interior painting. You can easily relate this to the fact that exterior paints are manufactured with more ingredients to withstand the harsh weather conditions outside. Exterior paints, therefore, cost more than interior paints.

Cost of Painting a House in Ontario: Specific Rooms and Features

Full interior: Painting the entire interior of a 1200 sq. ft. house will cost around 3,000-5000 CAD. For a 2000 sq. ft. house, the price may range between 6000 CAD and 9500 CAD. Note that these costs are for the walls only.

Standard room: The cost of painting a 12x12 bedroom in Ontario varies between 250-300 CAD. For larger bedrooms such as masters, the price can reach up to 500 CAD.

Ceilings: It will cost around 1000-1400 CAD for painting only the ceilings in a modest-sized house.

Closets can cost anything between 70 and 150 CAD.

Again, the cost variations you see are only reflections of the various factors we discussed above.

At Pro Painters Newmarket, Ontario, we are committed to providing you top-quality interior and exterior painting at reasonable prices. You can contact us today, and we'll offer you a free quote after listening to your needs.

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