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What's the cost of house painting in Newmarket, Ontario?

Updated: May 29, 2022

House Painting Cost in Newmarket, Ontario

Are you looking to hire a house painter in Newmarket, Ontario but have no idea how much it will cost?

Well, a professional painter in Ontario will typically charge per square foot. So they may first have to ask you the specific area you need to be painted before they can offer you a quote.

However, the average house painting cost usually ranges from 2-4 CAD per sq. ft.

Factors to Consider When Determining House Painting Cost

Whether you intend to do interior painting, exterior painting, or both, house painting is one of the easiest ways to give your home a renewed appeal which may ultimately increase the resale value.

But there are many things that factor into the final cost of painting your house in Ontario. So whether you're thinking of hiring a professional painter or doing it yourself, below are some things that will influence the total expenses.

1. Type of paint used

Paint quality defers. There are paints that last longer on walls than others, and these tend to be more expensive. Some will also create a more refined appeal, such as a glossy finish.

And notably, paint itself accounts for an average of 15% of the total house painting cost in Ontario. Also, note that oil-based paints (which are more durable) are more expensive than other types.