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Color Experts: 2024 Color Trends!

If you're planning on redecorating any time soon, take note of the latest interior paint color trends in 2024 to find a shade to inspire your decorating journey.

With many of the most renowned paint companies having revealed their newest paint colors to mark the year ahead, we've rounded up what we know so far, exploring which shades you can expect to see dominating home design in 2024.

To determine colors that offer longevity and relevance in equal measure for the year ahead, our team of color specialists have curated key paint color trends to inspire the canvas of our homes, from the Dulux's Colour of the Year 'Sweet Embrace' to Benjamin Moore's 'Blue Nova' or Graham & Brown's 'Viridis' green.

When it comes to paint colors, these are the ones experts believe will set the interior design trends for 2024 and are perfect for sprucing up your space.

Persimmon by Sherwin Williams

Persimmon is a warm, earthy, and energetic terracotta shade that combines the elevated energy of tangerine with grounded neutral undertones. Pairing well with neutrals or even as an accent color in your home, this energetic color will rejuvenate your space and fit perfectly in rooms where you want to promote conversation.

Cracked Pepper by Behr

Cracked Pepper was announced as the 2024 Behr color of the year for the California-based paint company. A soft black shade prized for its versatility, the color was designed to capture the warming and comforting effects of dark colors in the home.

With a signature elegant look, Cracked Pepper allows homeowners to create sophisticated spaces that feel equally inviting and relaxing, perfect for rooms such as cozy living room ideas.

Blue Nova by Benjamin Moore

Blue Nova by Benjamin Moore is a rich, grounded blue that works just as well on an accent piece as it does covering a color-drenched room. The color was chosen to represent the blend of modern and traditional styles that are popular in home interiors right now. Blue Nova 825 is an alluring mid-tone that balances depth and intrigue with classic appeal and reassurance.

Ganache by Little Greene

The color masters at Little Greene also confirm that brown is the go-to paint hue for 2024.

We see the trend for rich, cocooning interiors continue into 2024, with a move toward the soothing power of darker and mid-tone caramels and rich and indulgent browns that deliver comforting schemes.

This embracing of brown is a continuation of the trend we have seen shifting away from cooler gray interiors to a warmer palette of natural hues that deliver soothing schemes.

Limitless by Glidden

Limitless is a versatile buttercream hue suitable for virtually any space, regardless of its intended use. . Its name embodies its ability to complement a variety of colors and mix well with either decor or any new renovations. The warm and vibrant color will bring cheer to any space and give the ultimate glow-up.

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