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Best Color Choices for your Garage!

A fresh coat of paint on your garage’s walls and ceiling with the right color can transform the whole room’s appearance.

That’s an important factor in an area where you’ll be parking your vehicles, regularly searching for items, using different tools and materials for repairs and other projects..

A well-chosen garage paint color will not only have a positive effect on your space, but it will also add value and visual appeal to your home.

Keep on reading for a guideline on the best color choices for garages…


Gray is a popular color choice. It’s a softer, more modern color than white. It will blend seamlessly with your home and allow you to add a touch of class. It fits with the neutral trend. It is less noticeable than white, but it still adds a classy look. Whether you choose soft gray or a darker shade, you can use gray to cover up any flaws in your garage door while adding a modern feel to your home.


A lighter garage wall and ceiling paint color will reflect light better. You have to be mindful, however, that a lighter shade will reveal dirt and grime more easily.

If a lighter shade is preferred, a semi-gloss paint is a wise choice. Semi-gloss paint makes dirt less evident and is better for cleaning without showing any wear.


Using a warm neutral like beige can really help to warm up a space and add an instant sense of coziness.

If your garage is particularly large or otherwise quite cold due to its size and shape, then going for a light hue will help create more inviting proportions.


black is a classic color that often suggests sophistication and style. The easiest way to make a space appear larger than it really is is a black garage wall that can be used as a great accent for the interior color. It's good for ceilings, columns, and framing around doors just doesn't go any darker than midnight blue.