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How can you increase your Home's Curb Appeal?

Updated: May 29, 2022

Top Ways to Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal

Improving your home's curb appeal does more than enhance its looks; it also increases your home's resale value.

With that knowledge, there's every reason to be looking for the best ways to improve your home's curb appeal, in addition to how much in love you'll fall with your house all over again. Plus, your neighbours and visitors are sure to compliment.

So, without further ado, let's look at some top ways to improve the attractiveness of your home when viewed from the street.

1. Take out the junk

It's not in any way difficult to identify those things that are an eyesore. Sometimes, removing such things from your premises is all your home needs to look great again. So, look out for old furniture or machinery, disorganized lawn, plants, and things like that.

2. Mind your lighting

How beautiful does your home look from afar at night? "Oh, it's pretty dark, so who would notice?" I hear you say. Well, that's because you haven't gotten yourself some good outdoor lighting. The best outdoor lighting to use is low-voltage landscape lighting for accenting your walkway, trees, and landscape. Get some and install, and you'll see your property come to life at dusk.

3. Update your front and garage door

Your garage and front doors are highly conspicuous features in your curb appeal. So changing or repainting these can significantly impact the overall look of your premises.

4. Exterior painting

Exterior painting is notably one of the most effective ways to improve curb appeal. Some fresh coats of paint on your property can change its entire look, transforming it into something else. Passersby would immediately know something has changed. You could hire a pro house painter near you or do DIY exterior painting yourself with some helpful tips online.

5. Tidy up the entrance

First impression matters! And that's what visitors get when they arrive at your driveway walkway, stairs, and porch. So, even though you can't decorate these areas, you want to keep them neat and in top shape. Rent a pressure washer to give your concrete walkway an intense cleaning. Repair cracks and pull out weeds.

6. Update your roofing

Another great idea for improving your curb appeal is by changing your roof. Of course, this is an expensive choice. But when you consider the fact that it makes up over half of your visual exterior, you'll realize it's a worthy investment. If your roof has gotten old and worn out, consider installing a new one or executing some aesthetic fixes.

7. Plant a garden, lawn, or shrubs

Leaves and flowers tremendously add color to your premises, giving your exterior a natural, cozy appeal. Who doesn't love nature?

However, do not plant randomly or carelessly. Consider the colour and the style of your house to know what works.

8. Get your windows sparkling

While this may sound corny, it's a surefire way to catch attention with that unmistakable sparkle. Plus, it's pretty inexpensive.

Clean your window frame and glass. Also, try spraying with a hose for a more effortless, more thorough clean. Then, wipe with a clean rag soaked with water and detergent.

Bottom Line

Improving your home's curb appeal is sometimes a no-brainer. Those little inexpensive changes can make all the difference.

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