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Paint your Exterior Sidings like a Pro with these Tips!

Updated: May 29, 2022

Exterior Siding Painting Tips

The exterior of your home is a sheer reflection of what the interior holds. This means that if the exterior of your home is appealing, people will assume the interior to be the same.

Of course, you would agree that one of the best ways to give your exterior that “wow” appearance is by painting it. But, what if your home comes with sidings and you wish to do the painting yourself rather than hire a painting contractor? How do you go about the process to yield a perfect painting job?

Below, we have provided you with tips that would answer your question.

Preparing the Surface

As usual, the first step to kick start an exterior siding painting process would be to prepare the surface. Preparation is important in whatever painting job you wish to execute. It helps in ensuring that the surface is void of dirt that would hinder the painting process. In the case of painting your exterior sidings, preparation involves these two steps:

  • Sanding

  • Washing


Depending on the nature of your exterior siding surface, you may need to power wash. The best way to check if your siding would require power washing is by running your hand over the exterior siding on the sunny side of your house.

If a chalky residue comes off on your hand, you will definitely have to power wash as the residue may impair the adhesion of the painting. This process aims to ensure that the siding is free from elements that could hinder the painting process.

Power washing tips: When power washing, don't aim the water stream directly at the surface. Instead, use it as a paint scraper. In addition, ensure you read and understand the manual of the power washer, including safety tips.


If the power washing process didn't discard all the existing paint including the grime and dirt, you m