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Brushing Or Spraying? Which To Choose?

Are you getting started on a new project and wondering which is the best way to paint? ? For years, the debate has raged on regarding the best option: spray paint or brush paint? The answer is fairly simple: it depends! There are projects for which spray paint is superior to brush paint,while there are others where brush paint reigns supreme. Ultimately, it comes down to knowing the exact differences between the two methods and what you’re working on.

One of the main questions we get asked more often than you think is, “what is the difference between spray painting and brush painting?” Painting furniture and walls allow you to bring new life into your home as it is less expensive than buying new furniture. The best technique for applying paint will depend on the furniture and how you would like the finish to look.

Spray painting is fast becoming the method of choice amongst leading professional decorating teams, and it’s easy to see why; this modern approach is fast, effective and gives your home an exquisitely elegant finish.


Why Should You?

The most significant reason people choose spraying is speed. Finding a way to apply the paint faster than a sprayer is tough. This way, you save a lot of time and don’t get tired of moving the brush up and down for hours in a row.

If you have already worked with the brush, you probably noticed that it leaves marks. Sometimes these marks are almost invisible. Other times, the traces left by the bristles are clearly visible, and it does not look good.

Another advantage of paint spraying is getting to hard-to-reach areas. By using a brush, you will have to put much effort into reaching inaccessible areas.

Why You Shouldn’t!

Spraying helps you paint the house 2-3 times faster than brushing or rolling. It is true, but it comes at a cost. The sprayer uses two times more paint than brush application.

It is because many paint particles do not end up on the surface. They are too light, and the wind can blow them away.

Sometimes, people that don’t have practice apply too much paint in one place. By keeping the sprayer over an area for too long, you apply an excessive amount of paint. Thus, you get thick layers that may not look good, and you’ve just wasted a lot of paint.


Why Should You?

If you’re thinking about whether to brush or spray paint, you should know that brushing allows for more control, The lightweight particles of sprayed paint can change direction.

If you are brushing, you’re applying precisely the amount of paint that you have on the brush. The brush is also best for detail work and drawing straight lines.

The brush offers a stronger adhesion because you press the paint against the surface. Under the force of the brush, the paint adheres better to the surface, ensuring that little to no drips occur. Drips occur more often during spraying because the sprayer provides a lower pressure than the brush.

Since it provides better control, it allows you to apply the paint evenly.With sprayers, you can apply too much paint on one spot while you can make it too thin on another. Such is least likely to happen with a brush since you control how much paint to apply.

Why You Shouldn’t!

Although consistently accurate, brushing is a lengthy process compared to spraying. It can take hours and even days if the home is extensive . Also, brushing using your hands takes a lot of elbow grease. You will need to take a break from time to time to let your hands rest. This will make you waste significant time.

If you paint with a brush, you will find it difficult to avoid obstacles, and this is because you need to apply the brush directly to the surface. In this way, you must stay very close to the surface to reach it.

And if in front of a wall exists a table or a closet, reaching it will take more work. This does not happen with spraying, where you launch the paint from a certain distance, which makes the work easier.

You will encounter that some painters and decorators do not offer spray painting services. With Pro Painters Muskoka, you will find that spray painting is one of our areas of expertise which we have proudly worked hard to master for the benefit of our clients.

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