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Painting your Home in Winter, Should you Do It?

When you’re thinking of a time to start your painting project, winter certainly isn’t the first season to come to mind, and with good reason. Winter’s cold, dark days make for bad conditions for outdoor projects, so exterior paint jobs or other outdoor renovations should probably wait for warmer weather. Interior painting, however, can be done year-round. There can even be some benefits to interior painting in the winter, as long as you take the proper precautions.

Cost efficient

The biggest advantage that most people don’t realize is that house painting in winter gives you an excellent opportunity to save time and money!

Since winter is a slow season for painters, you can capitalize on that to get a better rate. Not only may you have to wait weeks, if not months, if you decide to paint in spring or summer, but since there’s less demand for painters in winter, you can benefit from cost savings.

Many professional painters in Ontario offer lower rates for painting your house during the slow winter season, and that gives you the advantage of getting the same professional painting job at a more attractive price.

Paint Dries Fast

Warmer months might sound nice when it comes to painting your home's interior - you can comfortably leave the windows open, after all. However, the humidity of warmer months means longer drying time. Your painting professional will know the best kind of low-to-zero degrees paint, which is the safest and the best to use in winter months. And by painting when it's cold and dry, your paint will dry faster; hence, you can get your job done faster.

When you paint the interior of your home, it’s always important to ventilate in order to protect yourself from paint fumes, and the best way to air them out of your home is to keep your windows open. While it’s true that keeping your windows open in wintertime might drive up your heating bill slightly, it will also help your paint dry more quickly. Paint takes longer to dry the more humid the air is, meaning that crisp winter air will help your paint set much faster than it would during a humid summer heat wave.

Flexibility in Schedule

You won’t have to wait as long to get a job done. Painting contractors are busiest in the summer months doing exterior work. Starting any painting work in the winter, in addition to being less expensive than a summertime job, will take a shorter time to get going since it’s far less likely that you’ll need to wait for painters to get through a list of clients before they can start working on your home.

Winter allows for earlier morning sunlight, meaning painters can schedule their jobs earlier. And since we know winter is a slower time, you'll be able to plan your project around your schedule. It's typical for painters to book out for entire seasons in advance, so start early in spring or summer if you're ready to get your project completed.

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