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Paint or Stain? How to Make an Informed Decision.

We all care about our home’s attractiveness , and always want it to look fresh, modern and appealing. Both paint and stain are used to protect, preserve, and decorate your home, however before you decide to tackle any type of project, you need to examine the suitability of your surfaces, likely this will help you determine whether to go for painting or staining!

Read further to find out more on how to choose which one is better suited for your project.


Stain is a thin consistency, It absorbs into the surface, and it is typically used for wood projects, but there are some options available for concrete as well. The look created with stain and wood brings out the natural grain and patterns in the wood.

Staining Vs Painting:

The main difference between paint and stain is that paint lies on the surface of the item being painted, whereas stain is absorbed into it , here are some other important differences;

  • Paint is thicker than stain, it is more uniform in its covering. and it comes in far more color options, there are more sheens and finishes available in paint.

  • Stain does not peel, while paint has the potential to peel, crack, and flake, whereas stain is more resistant to chipping but will fade over time.

  • It is easier to apply stain and often does not need more than one coat, it does not need to be painted onto a primed surface and has a faster drying time.

  • Paint needs to be painted onto surfaces that have been primed first, while stain does not. Paint also takes more time to apply than stain and usually needs several coats of application.

  • Painting coats the top of wood while stain penetrates the wood. Stain protects and preserves the beauty of your wood compared to paint which covers and hides it. Stain wears away gradually for periodic re-coating. Paint peeling requires extensive scraping.

Surfaces To Stain & Paint:

Every piece of wood, whether it's new or antique, requires staining.

It goes without saying that stains give an attention-grabbing look to a wooden surface by enhancing its natural beauty.

Paint can be applied to more than just wood surfaces. It can be used on stucco, metal, and plastic.

Softwoods require additional treatment which means staining is good for this kind of surface, hardwoods on the other hand, do not require any additional treatment and hence, you can directly apply stain to enhance the wood grain or paint it instead.

Which should YOU choose? Paint or Stain?

Stain and paint have many similarities, but also many differences. People often wonder which one they should use or which one is better than the other, although the answer to that question is more complex than you think.

Deciding whether to use paint or stain to enhance your home comes down to your personal taste and the suitability of the surfaces you are covering, However, both paint and stain are equally capable of creating beautiful, vibrant results for all of your home projects.

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