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Pro Painters:
Muskoka Area Residential Garage Painting Services

Most people don’t pay much attention to their garage because they think of it as more of a shed than a room. It’s got all your tools and cars and is primarily for storage. But garage painting can add a lot of beauty to a dingy place and revitalize your home’s image. If you want to give your garage a fresh look, Pro Painters can help.

Painting the walls and floor of your garage can give it a brand new feeling each time you walk in. You can turn your garage into a place where you can feel more comfortable, rather than afraid to go into, with professional garage painting from Pro Painters.

A garage can be painted and stylized just like any other room in your house but is unique in that it is the only room in your home visible from the outside. Your garage door takes up a significant amount of square footage. Having a beautiful, fresh coat of paint in a stylish and modern colour will not only give your house a facelift but will also add value to your home.


Beautify Your Garage Door, Floors, and Walls

At Pro Painters, we can turn your garage into a beautiful new room you can be proud of. Concrete floors might not seem like they have many beautifying options, but a nice coat of paint will make them shine. Furthermore, a painted garage floor will make cleanup easier with water resistance, is generally quite durable, and offers added protection from mildew, mould, and auto fluids.

Let the garage painting experts at Pro Painters show you what colours will make your garage look its best and complement your home’s exterior. Click one of the links below to schedule a free consultation, either remotely or onsite, with one of our professional garage painting consultants.

Schedule An Online Appointment

with our painting professionals from the comfort of your home.

Find Your Perfect Colour

As with any paint job, finding the right colours that complement your style is paramount, even when garage painting. While you could choose a softer and more basic colour for the inside of your garage, care must be taken when selecting the paint for your garage door.

Your garage door, for many houses, is the focal point of your home when viewed from the street. It takes up a generous portion of the frontal square footage of your house and often gives the first impression to others. Why not make it as beautiful as possible and provide the best first impression?

The garage painting pros at Pro Painters can teach you which colours would go best with your home’s style and existing colour scheme so that you can get the best possible finished product. Click the link below to schedule a consultation with one of our garage painting specialists.

The Pro Painters Difference

Not only will our professional, local house painters make your garage look brand new, they will also take exquisite care while doing the job.


Our Professional Process


1. Set-Up:

Our painters will ensure your home is adequately protected, including removing pictures, valuable, fragile items, and shelving.


2. Prepare:

We will professionally repair any cracks or holes in your drywall to ensure a smooth coat of paint is applied.


3. Paint:

Only top-quality, premium paint is applied to your walls and ceilings.


4. Clean-Up:

We remove all painting equipment, vacuum and sweep the floors, and put your room’s belongings back where they belong.


5. Inspect:

When everything is done, we make sure the job is done to your satisfaction.

In addition to our professional processes, we also have our price matching promise. If our competitors offer to complete your project at a lower price, we’ll simply match their estimate! *Conditions Apply*. Additionally, Pro Painters has our famous “Smiling Guarantee,” where we guarantee you will be smiling at the finished product! You only pay when you are 100% happy with our work.

Our Guarantees

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Interior Painting Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to paint the exterior of a house?
    The cost depends on a variety of factors such as the size of your house and the material it’s made of. The best way to determine how much exterior painting will cost is to get a free consultation and estimate.

The Pro Painters Process


1. Simple, Stress-free

Set up your free consultation online or call us today!


2. Free Consultation:

After viewing your home and discussing your ideas, we’ll provide your unique estimate and piece your project details together.


3. Mark Your Calendar:

After finalizing and fleshing out your project plan, we’ll solidify a date that works for you!


4. Our Do-it-All

The Pro Painters team will complete your project on time, on budget and according to your unique project plan.


5. Results You Can Be
Excited About:

After completing the painting process, we will make sure you’re ecstatic with the results before we leave!

Schedule An Online Appointment

with our painting professionals from the comfort of your home.

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